My name is Katerina Panagiotopoulou. I was born in Athens, Greece and I’m a photographic and video artist based in London, UK. After the completion of my studies in Art and Design with distinction from Kensington and Chelsea College, I completed my BA in Photography with First Class Honours from the University of Westminster, London, UK. I have participated in numerous group exhibitions in the USA, UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, South Korea and Greece.


Artist Statement

Exploring the human emotions and the dark side of the human mind, I blend facts and fictions to create images of short photo stories, uncovering hidden truths , breaking down stereotypes and constructing mythologies. With a particular focus on fine art, and often experimental and early photographic processes, I scrutinise the medium throughout the process until the final presentation and installation. My work is primarily project based, focusing on the philosophical and physical burdens of human nature.

Online Presence

Prints for my 'Feel' artwork can also be found and purchased here:

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